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Jun 14, Dog Hemangiopericytoma Tumor Diagnosis and Prognosis

2 years ago   |   By Dog Health Handbook

Reader Question: Does my dog have a cancerous tumor? I think my 7-9 year old Basenji has hemangiopericytoma type of cancer. She has a large growth subcutaneous
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Nov 28, Cyst on Dachshund Stomach

2 years ago   |   By Dog Health Handbook

Reader Question: Treatment for a dog skin cyst or mass. About 2 - 3 days ago, I noticed this uneven growth near his little pipi. It is right
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Nov 28, Dark Growth on Dog's Rear Right Paw

2 years ago   |   By Dog Health Handbook

Can you tell me what this growth is on my dog's foot? He has been licking it. My dog is 9 years old, a Chorkie, a bit overweight and is on a diet now
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